24 May

Bolzano, 26 May 2019.

Are you eager to discover the world of electric mobility and to try vehicles, scooters, segways and electric maxi scooters on road? Come at the e-Drive Day at Bolzano Safety Park.

You will find us and Epic0. Such an interesting and stimulating event is actually unmissable, not only because it is one of a kind, but also because we will participate together with our partner Rotalnord, the first Nissan dealer in Trentino Alto Adige, who will make our vehicle available to anyone eager to try it on the road. This is a special occasion for us, because Epic0 will be accessible to the public on the road for the first time ever. That’s why we like to call it the “baptism of the road” and we can’t wait to know what the public feeling is.

So, go to Rotalnord stand and ask to try Epic0 on road. You will also have the possibility to talk to Mr Paolo Guaschi, Commercial Director of Mecaprom Motors, who will be available to deepen any topic related not only to the sales of Epic0, but also to the design process and production.

For further information about the e-Drive Day event: https://www.greenmobility.bz.it

For further information about our Rotalnord partners: https://www.rotalnord.com