03 Sep

From 10 to 13 September 2020 Regis Epic0 will attend the second edition of the Green Salina Energy Expo event, a trade fair organized by the municipalities of the Sicilian island during the Green Salina Energy Days.

The event will be an opportunity for meeting and discussion, thanks to the interesting contributions of numerous representatives of the Sicilian Universities, the CNR of Messina and many companies belonging to the sustainable mobility sector.

Since 2019 the island of Salina has been designated “Pilot Island” of the EU for the energy transition, a program through which we are committed to embarking on a path towards energy self-sufficiency and environmental and social sustainability of small European islands.

The goal is to pursue a sustainable development path for the future and undertake a conversion in favour of renewable energy sources. Renewable sources and electric mobility, in fact, will be the main issues addressed during the conferences scheduled during the event.

This year’s exhibition aspect will be focused exclusively on electric mobility, both on land and at sea. Precisely for this reason, Regis Epic0 does not want to miss the opportunity to participate in such a constructive and stimulating sector event. Keeping up with the news and discovering new sustainable horizons for the future is a fundamental goal of our company, which is committed to the research and development of new technologies for electric mobility.