The first quadricycle with the DNA of a car

During the design phase, we used an automotive approach, which means that we entirely designed and patented the core systems, such as the engine, the transmission, the control unit (LMU) and the battery pack with latest generation cells.

The LMU is the very heart of our drive line. It was engineered and produced by Regis Motors using proprietary technology to enhance vehicle management. The device was conceived to manage the vehicle electric-electronic system in full safety, according to automotive standards. In running conditions, the LMU control unit acquires the driver’s requests coming from his/her driving style and required performances through the vehicle controls, and it defines the optimum torque values that the engine shall produce, also based on the battery status information supplied by the BMS (Battery Management System).

The LMU control unit is essentially responsible for smooth drivability and energy recovery during the braking phase, as well as for releasing information on the status of the traction system while operating. It also assists the diagnostic services in compliance with UDS protocols.