17 May

REGIS MOTORS, Italian excellence in the sustainable mobility sector and in the production of electric vehicles such as those of the Epic0 range, will produce LYNX at its Biella plant, guaranteeing the quality standards of excellence that are typical of the REGIS.

3 large brand wheels for maximum stability and agility, honeycomb tires, direction indicators for optimal visibility, a large and comfortable platform, geolocation, and anti-theft. It is LYNX, the electric scooter with an Italian heart by the start-up TO.TEM that offers an urban experience in the name of safety and agility. Agility, safety but also sustainability, innovation and, of course, made in Italy.

The philosophy of LYNX perfectly embraces the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat distinguish the activity of REGIS MOTORS and which make it an essential point of reference in the electric mobility sector!

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