30 Jun

The municipal initiative “itinerant registry” registered Epic0

The rear compartment of Epic0 becomes a full optional office station to receive the public outdoors. The complexity of the set-up highlights the extreme versatility of the vehicle produced by Regis.

Turin, June 29, 2021. If you cannot go to the registry office, the registry office comes to you! Thanks to a special layout of its rear compartment, Epic0, the 100% electric and made in Italy quadricycle produced by the Biella-based company Regis Motors, allows the registry office of the Municipality of Turin to reach the residential districts located in the metropolitan area.

The keys of the vehicle were delivered this morning to Councilor Sergio Rolando of the Municipality of Turin during the presentation ceremony of the vehicle which is ready to carry out its itinerary.

“Itinerant registry” is the name of the pilot project wanted by the City of Turin through which the public body will be able to provide information to citizens on registry practices, issue certificates and make reservations for identity cards, changes of residence and address in decentralized and continuous mode.

To offer, therefore, a safe and completely green proximity service, the rear compartment of Epic0, equipped for full optional mobile office use, has been designed to meet high standards in terms of quality, ergonomics and safety. It has a payload of 325 kg and measures 1,570 x 1,500 x 2,500 mm (L X La X H). To give an idea of the capacity and habitability of the interior, just think that it contains an angular desktop, a screen, a seat with swivel support, an HP Deskjet Plus 4120 multifunction printer, a power system for PCs with retractable power strip, an internal compartment for dossier, an insulation and hot / cold air conditioning system with air intakes and pipes as well as the fire extinguisher inside the box and passenger compartment. The intensity of the white LED perimeter light can be adjusted manually, and the counter is able to communicate with the public outdoors through an awning positioned on the side of the van. The graphics, in line with the communication of the city of Turin, complete the exterior of the vehicle.

The special equipment – made achievable thanks to the extreme versatility of the vehicles produced by Regis and the wide possibilities of customization they offer – is the result of the collaboration between partner companies in the Piedmont area, such as NCT leader in the special equipment of vehicles for the Italian forces. order, ArtLantis for graphic customization, with the participation of Autogrup S and CEO Paolo Bollero. In synergy with Regis Motors, they have contributed, with competence and professionalism, to guaranteeing the City of Turin a result of great technological innovation, accessibility, unlimited inclusion, and proximity of services to the citizen in all Green Epic0 solution.

In the period between January and May 2021, through the structures located, the registry issued a total of 69,460 certifications, responding to the requests of approximately 31,109 citizens. These are numbers that the itinerant registry project aims to overcome and increase in an important way thanks to the peculiar characteristics of the Epic0 vehicle which will allow, by the very nature of its configuration, a truly limitless mobility with quick and easy movements even at the inside of restricted traffic areas, local markets and internal streets and therefore expanding its range of action and therefore the involvement of the public.

REGIS Epic0 is a range of compact electric vehicles classified as heavy quadricycles in the commercial version with L7e cu approval and equipped exclusively with custom designed Powertrain systems. The range was created with the aim of addressing the needs of distribution, the business field and services in general. Epic0, produced in Biella, allows you to carry out daily activities within urban centres even in limited traffic areas in full respect of the environment and with a significant reduction in operating costs compared to endothermic traction systems. The high-quality standards in terms of driving, safety, ergonomics and interior care, as well as the design with an automotive character, highlight the uniqueness of Made in Italy under different points of view.

REGIS MOTORS is an Italian company with decades of experience in engineering that produces and markets an entire range of heavy electric quadricycles for Professional use with customizable equipment and raises standards in terms of safety, sustainability, quality, innovation and, above all, MADE. IN ITALY. The mission of REGIS MOTORS through REGIS Epic0 in all its application variants (skip, van, fridge, waste disposal, compact and special fittings on request) is to make an important contribution to technological innovation and sustainable mobility in the professional field by focusing on man and the environment, safety and driving quality.