13 May

Verona, 14-15-16 May 2019. We are glad and proud to announce that we will attend the Automotive Dealer Day in Verona for the first time as exhibitors and we will bring our Epic0 Compact.

The Automotive Dealer Day is an unmissable European event for all the operators of the automotive sector, an important occasion for dealers, OEMs and supply chain companies to meet up in an independent context. The event is a unique source of ideas and information, products and solutions and networking. That’s why we could not miss it, especially now that we are building and consolidating our dealer network.


The sales of Regis vehicles will be entrusted to a series of dealers located throughout the whole Italian territory and supported by a network of authorized BOSCH, Bosch Car Service and AutoCrew workshops. Nowadays, the Italian cities in need of zero-impact vehicles and thus already structured and organized to manage electric vehicles are some dozens. Among these, we have selected 15 pilot cities for our project: not only large cities such as Rome, Milan, Turin, Genoa and Naples, but also smaller centers that are already sensitive to new electric trends, such as Trento, Udine, Treviso, Bologna, Florence, Pisa, Livorno, Lucca, Catania and Palermo. The forecast within one year is, on the one hand, to expand the number of towns and dealers up to 60 in order to cover the whole national territory, on the other hand, to open up to the European market which is already showing signs of great interest.
Regis quadricycles will be used by different customers, not only craftsmen and freelancers, but also small, medium and large companies thanks to short- or long-term fleet rental solutions, not to mention the great demand coming from administrations and public entities. The Automotive Dealer Day is all the more strategic in this perspective, because it is a great opportunity to expand our network and forge new partnerships. For this reason, our dealership network managers will be always present at Mecaprom Motors stand.